Last reviewed 25 April 2019 by Crispin Read


An overview of the subject material.

Why this is important

Explain why learning this is useful in the working environment.


At the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Understand this concept
  2. Do this practical thing
  3. Use this tool

Learner Requirements

Before starting this session you will need:

  1. Previous session
  2. Treehouse track


An overview of the session should mirror slide deck

  1. Intro to topic
  2. Use in real world
    • example 1
    • example 2
    • example 3
  3. More info
  4. Etc.


To be completed as part of this training session

  1. Link to Glitch
  2. Link to repo on GitHub

Further Tasks

Additional to the training session, to be completed in apprentices own time (non mandatory).

  1. Additional versions of session tasks for your project
  2. Additional versions of session tasks for something at work
  3. Link to challenge repo on GitHub

Resources / Reference

  1. Slides: Intro Slides on Google Drive
  2. Demo: Demo on YouTube
  3. Article: Blog post

Trainer Resources

  1. Completed code challenge
  2. Training notes